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The Need

innovation_scholarSince Carolina’s founding in 1793, the entrepreneurial spirit has been part of the very fabric of the University. The principle on which the University rests—that the state should provide affordable higher education to its citizens—was the product of entrepreneurial minds who recognized that not only would those citizens benefit from such an education, but the entire state would in turn reap the benefits of a steadily growing corps of educated, talented and extremely capable young people.

That’s truer now than ever—and on a global scale.

No university has a more ambitious to-do list than Carolina’s. And none works harder than Carolina to deliver on its promises. Thanks to inspired leadership, an outstanding faculty and a uniquely entrepreneurial culture, Carolina moves boldly to address today’s great problems with tomorrow’s great solutions.

To achieve this goal—to reshape the world—Carolina needs the world’s most promising innovators. And it needs them at every level, including undergraduate students. We created the Carolina Innovation Scholarship program to meet this priority. Students who receive these scholarships and enter the program do so based on the merit—and promise—of their achievements. What they learn in Chapel Hill will fuel our future economy.

The program is designed to make the University the premier destination for the most promising young innovators. It draws on the intellectual and social resources of the University, especially the Carolina Entrepreneurial Initiative (CEI), which promotes and nurtures entrepreneurial efforts across campus. Through the CEI, Carolina helps launch the careers of scholars who are ready to start new ventures, and provides them all with a wide and growing network of entrepreneurs and support organizations to help fund and nurture the scholars during their time here.

We prepare Carolina Innovation Scholars to invent solutions and create value, whether in commerce, science, society or the arts. Linked through the Minor in Entrepreneurship and the mentorship of CEI faculty, students major in disciplines of their choosing and take advantage of research and study-abroad opportunities across the University.

Gift Opportunity

Endow a Named Carolina Innovation Scholarship

An endowment gift supports students forever because your gift is invested, generating perpetual income.

Gift Amount

$500,000, payable over five years, creates a named endowment fund to meet recruiting priorities

Make Your Gift

Please contact the Office of Development for Scholarships and Student Aid at or 919-445-0933 to discuss establishing a named Carolina Innovation Scholarship.


Please contact the Office of Development for Scholarships and Student Aid.