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The Need

The Carolina Opportunity Fund supports:

Carolina College Advising Corps
The Carolina College Advising Corps aims to help low-income, first-generation and under-represented students from North Carolina attend college by placing recent UNC graduates as college advisers in selected public high schools throughout the state. Advisers assist students with college admission, financial aid and scholarship applications.

kaysha_lampkins-300x204Without such support, these students enroll in college at a lower rate — often because of difficulty navigating systems and lack of awareness about opportunities. And that support tends to be missing. Consider: The national counselor-to-student ratio is 457:1, leaving the average high school student with just 20 minutes per year talking to a counselor.

Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program (C-STEP)

C-STEP fosters success by identifying talented low income students while they are still in high school or early in their community college careers. Selected students are guaranteed eventual admission to the UNC if they earn an appropriate associate degree and successfully complete the program. C-STEP students are offered mentorship and guidance while pursuing their degrees.

Nearly half of all U.S. undergraduate students are enrolled in community colleges — and that percentage is on the rise. Among them are millions of full-time students, many from low-income families and most of traditional college age (18-24). For these students, a community college education can open doors to opportunity, serving as a gateway to a four-year degree. Yet many doors remain closed to even the most talented low-income community college students. Nowhere are these limitations more apparent than in the limited opportunities provided to community college students seeking to transfer to the country’s most selective four-year institutions.

Gift Opportunities

Establish a nameable Carolina Opportunity Fund

An expendable gift can be spent immediately to help us cover a need in the near term; an endowment gift supports students forever because your gift is invested, generating perpetual income.

Gift Amounts

Expendable: $25,000, payable over five years, establishes a named expendable opportunity fund to aid in college access

Endowment: $100,000, payable over five years, establishes a named endowment opportunity fund to aid in college access

Contribute to the Carolina College Advising Corps or C-STEP

Gift Amounts

Gifts of any size may be made online (Corps/C-STEP) and, because your donation will be expendable, we can use it immediately. That means your generosity will join others’ to add up to make a significant difference right now for deserving and outstanding students who want to attend Carolina—and whom we want on our campus.

Make Your Gift

Please contact the Office of Development for Scholarships and Student Aid at or 919-445-0933 to discuss establishing a nameable Carolina Opportunity Fund.

You may make an online expendable gift to the Carolina College Advising Corps or C-STEP.


Please contact the Office of Development for Scholarships and Student Aid.